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Pedaços de Mar, Lda

Pedaços de Mar, Ltd was founded in 2005 in the village of Castro Marim. Inspired by an ancient legacy the company is engaged to restore and protect local heritage by improving the health of local salt marshes which are of great economical and social value for the local community. Producing outstanding sea salt and flor de sal within the Nature Reserve of Sapal of Castro Marim has been a passionate journey and a reewarding mission.



BÆSURIS© was the roman name for Castro Marim. The economic importance the village reached under the Roman control, particularly the heavy salt work activity during that period, inspired the choice of the name for the brand. BÆSURIS© is a trademark owned by Pedaços de Mar, lda. 

Mission & Values?

We are commited with the principles of sustainability to ensure that the preservation of biodiversity, wildlife, community engagement and economic stability are all given significant and equal consideration

Why Organic?
BÆSURIS© salt is collected by hand using traditional methods, from a sustainable source. Our products meet strict organic certificatin standards being certified by Nature et Progrès and SATIVA.

  • sourced from saltpans within a protected Nature Reserve
  • hand harvested  by  salt workers following tradittional  ancestral techniques.
  • 100 % natural Atlantic Salt, Sun dried, Unnwashed and free of Additivies
  • manually cleaned from impurities and packed to comply with the legal standards for food safety

Our salts are supplied to chefs as well as to the trade, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers all over the world. Products are available for private label.


We have an ever-evolving range of sea salts and blended sea salts, all with different textures, crystallised and hand-harvested to deliver the unique mineral profile that makes our flavour so distinctive.


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