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World’s Finest Sea Salt

Flor de Sal (Salt Flower) from Castro Marim (Algarve) is esteemed by chefs worldwide as the most amazing sea salt for culinary use with its delicate flavor, light and moist texture and high mineral content. The use of Atlantic waters as opposed to other sources, the artisanal production techniques used and the care and love we put in the process, puts it among the best Flower of salt in the world. BAESURIS® Salts are produced in a sustainable way, using only the purest sea water, solar energy, wind and man work.

 A true gem prized as “la crème de la crème” of salts

Harvested by Artisans

A milenar tradition

The geometric salt production lakes were introduced in Castro Marim by the Romans, as well as the ancient knowledge of the artisanal extraction. The tradition of harvesting salt has been passed on for over centuries and since then salt is produced in the same way, with only the assistance of the sea, sun and wind and hand harvested by artisans called Marnotos using traditional tools.

Artisan Salt

organic solar evaporated salt with high mineral content

Sea Salt
Salt Flower
Hand Harvested

Collected by hand using traditional Methods

100% Natural - RAW

Sun dried, unnwashed and free of additivies

Rich in Magnesium

Naturally rich in magnesium and more than 80 trace elements

Certified Organic

Quality and origin guaranteed. Our natural sea salts meet strict, annual certification standards

Wetlands of Castro Marim

a wildlife sanctuary in the Algarve

Organic Salt

sourced from a nature reserve

Baesuris saltpans are right in the heart of the Nature Reserve of Sapal de Castro Marim, a special protected area, recoginsed by the Ramsar convention as a wetland of international significance for the importance of its habitats. Our salts are 100% natural, produced in total harmony with nature, in a sustainable way and therefore, internationally certified.


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