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Limited by seasonality, Hand Harvested in Small Batches

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There are mainly two types of sea salt. Traditional  sea salt which falls to the bottom of crystallizers where it is collected and Flor de Sal (salt flower or fleur de sel) a very rare type of traditional sea salt made from the thin layer of crystalls that forms on the water surface of crystallizers. If compared with coarse sea salt is an expensive product once it forms naturally under certain weather conditions, in a limited quantity and needs to be skimmed off by hand, sometimes twice a day, before it precipitates back into the bottom where it becames traditional sea salt.

We've broken down our different varieties of salt below to help you choose the one that best fits your needs
The Caviar of Salts

Flor de Sal

Flor de Sal (salt flower) is a true gem prized as one of the world's finest and rarest salts. Its delicate flavor, light and moist texture and high mineral content makes it the most amazing sea salt for culinary use.

the name Flor de Sal (Salt Flower or Salt Blossom) comes from the flower like patterns of crystals that form in the salt crust
unique and rare

When the perfect conditions come together (sun, heat and wind) the very top layer starts to crystalize forming a delicate layer of crystals on the surface of the ponds, like a curd of fine white crystals that break easily.

The young fragile crystals grow for a few hours only before they are gently skimmed from the brine by artisans called "Marnotos".

best use

Once it's extremely delicate and quickly dissolves in contact with food, It is perfect for sprinkling over your finished dish just before serving rather than during the cooking process. Perfect to give a little extra oomph right before food it's served and consumed.

Beacuse it is so pure there's no bitterness. It melts slowly on the tongue and provides a delicious crunch and subtle taste as it enhances the natural flavour of the food.

nutitional value

Flor de Sal is the purest form of salt you can get. It’s lower in sodium than normal salt and has a higher mineral content. It has 2 times more potassium and calcium and up to 20 times more magnesium than conventional sea salt. However, the sodium chloride content is very low and is therefore also suitable for people with high blood pressure

the name Flor de Sal (Salt Flower or Salt Blossom) comes from the flower like patterns of crystals that form in the salt crust
Hand Harvested

Collected by Hand using traditional Methods

Rich in Magnesium

Naturally Rich in Magnesium and essential Oligoelements

100% Natural - RAW

Sun dried, Unnwashed and free of additivies

Certified Organic

Quality and origin guaranteed. Our natural sea salts meet strict, annual certification standards.

RAW - Kosher

Traditional Sea Salt

Traditional coarse sea salt (Sal tradicional) it is obtained by natural crystallization of Atlatic sea water the way that nature intended - UNPROCESSED, RAW and 100% Natural.

Limited by seasonality, Hand Harvested in Small Batches

Coarse sea salt crystallises in the bottoms of the saltpans and is gathered by hand every 3-4 weeks. The method and care used in the harvest of the salt has a lot to do with the ability to obtain a good quality salt. A naturally white salt with high mineral content.

nutitional value

The natural crystallization process is optimized using traditional techniques so that most of the minerals present in the sea water are kept in the crystals, making it a more complete salt from a nutritional point of view. It is rich in magnesium, calcium and has more than 80 ESSENTIAL MINERALS; essential for the body’s balance.

best use

This salt is perfect for everyday cooking, roasting, brining, pickling, and seasoning.


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